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Friday, November 12, 2021 | views Last Updated 2021-11-12T19:52:13Z

My wife took my phone, deleted my girlfriend Ada's number and saved her own number as Ada. You see, someone had told my wife about Ada my girlfriend but I didn't know.

I then got an SMS from Ada asking for mobile money #250,000. I didn't have such money so I rushed to my wife and lied to her that I needed #250,000, for an emergency. I told her that my mother was sick and needed the money urgently. My wife gave me the money and I rushed to send it to the account number written in the message. 

Ada did not acknowledge receipt of the money. While I was relaxing at home after work, I kept wondering if she received the money. I sent her an SMS to find out if she had received the money. Her response was, "Call me now." so I went out of the house to make the call.

You can imagine my horror when my wife answered the call instead of Ada!!!

Since yesterday after the call, I'm still standing outside with the phone in my hand.

I don't know how to get back into my own house!!!

 Any advice for me please?

Experts in this House please HELP me. 

It’s about to rain and I’m still outside MY OWN HOUSE. 

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  • My wife took my phone - Chinaitechghana

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