Time is money: How Facebook owner lost billions of dollars in some few hours, when Facebook went off

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Wednesday, October 6, 2021 | views Last Updated 2021-10-06T05:31:23Z

Social media has become an environment where everybody goes to for variety of things. Many go there for information, others go there to advertise their product. Some even go there to find love and friendship. Whatever the aim is, certainly everyone gets what he or she is looking for. 

There are so many social media platforms including, WhatsApp, Tweeter, Instagram among others. Social media users of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram on Monday 4th October 2021 woke up to the surprise of their life. Their favorite social media platforms was shut off. 

This was unheard off in the history of the internet age when three great and well known social media platform which can boast of about millions of users can shut down. But as unbelievable as it may seem, that was the truth. 

Many users of the network couldn’t believe it, as many thought it was their telecommunications network that was causing the problem. So many had to turn off their phones and switch them back on, but to no avail just to later find out it was a worldwide issue and not peculiar to their region. 

As if that was not all, the owner and founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg lost a tone of about 7million US Dollars as a result of the shut down for some hours. He is currently worth $1.21.6 billion. Many users left, whiles others deleted their apps. To many, Tweeter was the best option. Many people quickly downloaded the readily available app that was Tweeter, Telegram and even Netflix. Also many memes were made about Facebook because of the shutdown. 

According to many it distracted many businesses and some also lost their clients in the process. Many people uses these platforms for many things and it affected them. As a result, the followings of the rest of the social media platforms that were active increased spontaneously.

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  • Time is money: How Facebook owner lost billions of dollars in some few hours, when Facebook went off

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