TikTok Launches 'Discover List' to Spotlight Conversation-Starting Creators

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021 | views Last Updated 2021-10-20T09:17:29Z

TikTok has launched its first-ever Discover List, which intends to highlight users who have had a large impact on trends and conversations within a specific category on the video-sharing platform.

The new feature, which TikTok debuted on Tuesday morning, includes top creators within five sectors: icons, innovators, foodies, changemakers and originators. TikTok’s community team selected various creators for the list based on various analytics and measurements, including “engagement, views, video creations, account growth, likes, interactions with followers, and also which creators and content have sparked conversations both on and off the app,” according to a blog post.

The icon category, which features creators who are “well-known up and down the [For You page] and outside of TikTok,” includes Bella Poarch, Tabitha Brown, Brittany Broski, Mark Gaetano, Jay, Leo Gonzalez, Challan Trishann and Christina “Tinx” Najjar. Meanwhile, innovators, or users who are “pioneers in their field,” features creators including Wisdom Kaye, Jasmine Chiswell, and Parker Locke.

Highlighted foodies include Jonathan Kung and Ana Regelado, while the changemakers category, which highlights creators who “speak up and speak about,” includes Taylor Jones, Joel Bervell, and Ebony and Denise Nunez. Finally, the originator list, which spotlights users behind some of the most viral trends, includes “Renegade” dance creator Jalaiah Harmon and “Savage” choreographer Kear Wilson, among others.

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  • TikTok Launches 'Discover List' to Spotlight Conversation-Starting Creators

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