How To Recover From A Google Algorithm Update

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Sunday, October 3, 2021 | views Last Updated 2021-10-03T22:16:40Z

Google announces an algorithm update and your site is starting to show signs of being affected – now what?

Are the two even related? We’ll cover all that & more in this complete guide to dealing with & recovering from Google algorithm updates the right way.

Remember – Why Do Algorithm Updates Happen.

 Google’s July 2021 Core Algorithm Update is a great, recent example.

Unlike many of the updates that are speculated to happen throughout the year, this was a confirmed algorithm update which means that Google themselves issue statements about the update. However, since it is a “broad core update” – meaning that it is not specific to a region, language or website category, there is no specific guidance passed on from their end or any suggestions as to what it is aiming to address. 

Basically meaning that the goal of the update is simple: help Google get better at assessing content and determining what pages serve the best answers for searchers across the board.

In such cases, Google has in the past typically only referred to their existing documentation/guidance on Core Updates which is that there isn’t necessarily anything fundamentally wrong with pages that may perform worse after a core update. The changes made to their systems are intended to issue improvements to how well it is able to assess content quality overall. If you’re interested in how we approach Core Algorithm Updates, as well as specific updates such as the Anti-Spam update, confirmed in June of 2021 – keep reading.

How To Know If Your Website Was Affected By & Determine The Impact Of A Google Algorithm Update

Before you even start planning your recovery – you first need to figure out whether your site has been affected at all & in what way…

Confirm There Actually Was An Algorithm Update That More People (i.e. Not Just You) Are Observing

Fortunately, if you already use Rank Math (our SEO plugin for WordPress) this is incredibly easy to do since we overlay both confirmed & unconfirmed algorithm updates in Rank Math Analytics – as well as on our website so it’s extremely easy to follow along and access any information relevant to updates including but not limited to: 

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