How to Market Your Music with a Messenger Campaign

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Thursday, October 21, 2021 | views Last Updated 2021-10-21T13:18:10Z

By Michael Walker, Founder of Modern Musician So you’ve already recorded at least one quality song and you’ve released it to the world.

Now what? How can you actually build a loyal audience and earn a sustainable income?

One music marketing method proving to be extremely successful, especially on a budget, is running a Messenger ad campaign.

Why use a Messenger campaign?


Motivation: You’ll start getting messages every day from new fans about how your music is actually impacting them. This kind of engagement is much more meaningful than paying to send listeners to streaming platforms (where they can’t communicate with you directly).


Targeting: Having conversations with your fans is the best way to get “in tune” with your audience targeting (more on this later) and helps you to understand your audience directly, which gives you direct feedback about if they’re a true fan or not.

 Sales: Building personal fan engagement will allow you to make more sales, especially “higher ticket” offers ($1K+ per sale). When you have personally connected with a fan, it becomes more likely that they will be interested in supporting you financially — whether that’s buying your merch, signing up to your inner circle or purchasing a high ticket offer (e.g custom song, house concert).

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  • How to Market Your Music with a Messenger Campaign

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