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A quick search of the almighty Internet reveals that there is no end to the amount of advice on how to do just about any job better. ELearning is no different. 

While plowing through dozens of blogs, articles, and how-to sites will likely garner you quite a bit of good information, it will also take up valuable time you could use actually to design and improve your craft. 

So, because a big part of our job is to make you better and more successful at your job, we’ve compiled a list of top elearning blogs for 2016 to ramp up your design skills and stay on top of the industry.

1) Shannon Tipton's Learning Rebels Blog

As the owner of Learning Rebels Performance Consultancy, Shannon Tipton ensures that her blog meets her vision of innovating workplace learning and creating a culture that encourages curiosity and downplays traditional teaching/learning practices.

What’s in it for you?

Real Discussions about Real Issues Facing Designers: Sometimes you just really need to hear someone else’s account of how they pushed through an obstacle to make your own problems feel more manageable. Read about things such as the often elusive state of productivity like in this post: Go Make Something Happen

They Review, so You Don’t Have to: The Rebels blog reviews books and includes summaries and recommendations on sites and other reading material to keep you informed while not wasting your time on subpar information.

Improvement and Inspiration: They constantly share inspirational quotes from industry leaders, lessons learned from Tradeshows and events, and much more.

2) Arun Pradham's Design 4 Performance Blog

Get informed while enjoying some graphic eye candy when you subscribe to Arun Pradham’s blog. Pradham, who considers himself a “learning geek,” is not only an experienced instructional designer, he is also all about the visuals which make for an exciting as well as informative blog.

What’s in it for you?

The Graphics: Pradham’s visual design gives subscribers a chance to not only read but to see, making the content stick that much better for many viewers. Visual learners rejoice and share this spiffy infographic: If Learning Was Water.

Pradham is the New Kid on the Block: Pradham’s blog is pretty darn new which means you can learn and read as Pradham creates content. While a more established blog will have more information, a new blog gives subscribers the feeling of being on the ground floor.

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