Banking On Bitcoin Against Inflation

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Every generation has its asset class, could Bitcoin be the one for the current age?

When Julio Rodriguez was a young boy, he remembers fondly the Sunday dinners that his mother would prepare.


Coming back from soccer practice on a Sunday afternoon, Rodriguez would be greeted with the familiar aroma of his mother’s asado.

The son of a college professor, Rodriguez remembers growing up fairly well off, and what most would consider, decidedly middle class.

But by the mid-1970s, Rodriguez, who was just starting elementary school started noticing that things in his family were changing.

Instead of the prime cuts of asado that his mother would prepare on Sunday evenings, off cuts were used.

Instead of a bottle of wine, his parents would now share a small carafe.

And while Rodgriguez was still too young to know better, all around him, the once plentiful Argentine economy was being brought to its knees under the combined weight of excessive government spending, large wage increases and gross inefficiencies.

By the 1980s, Argentine debt had risen to over three-fifths of production.

And attempts by Buenos Aires to rein in inflation by artificially pegging the peso to equal the value of the dollar, not only failed but caused inflation to briefly cross 1,000% annually.

Successive regimes tried to control inflation through wage and price controls, cuts in public spending and restricting the money supply.

But those measures came to naught when in 1982, in an effort to distract a frustrated public, Argentina waged an expensive and ultimately ill-conceived war with the United Kingdom over the Falkland Islands.

And as millions of Argentinians, in particular those with fixed incomes, like Rodriguez’s father, saw the real value of their incomes plummet, the asset that many turned to was gold.

The question now as central bankers, in particular the U.S. Federal Reserve, demonstrate that they are willing to tolerate ever-increasing levels of inflation, is whether or not investors should be looking for inflation hedges.

Wither Wander the Dollar?

Over time, the dollar closely tracks an inverse relationship with U.S. inflation expectations and stems from the fact that a weaker dollar is inherently inflationary, because it undermines the purchasing power of U.S. consumers, investors and debt holders.

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  • Banking On Bitcoin Against Inflation

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