6 Ways to Stay Authentic in Your YouTube Videos

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Hi there. On YouTube, being authentic can mean a world of difference. Viewers are looking to connect with a real person, not a script-reading robot or a carbon copy of their favorite creator. Focusing on authenticity in your content can help build connections with viewers and keep them coming back for more.

Just be yourself is valuable advice for building new relationships and a YouTube channel! The connection you’re looking to build with users is similar to making new friends in real-life. You want users to trust you and feel comfortable watching your videos so they subscribe and watch more videos just as you would want a new friend to trust you and feel comfortable with you so they continue hanging out with you.

Here are 6 ways to stay authentic in your YouTube videos.

1. Embrace Your Fashion Style

Clothing plays a big role in your attitude and behavior so it’s important to wear something you feel comfortable in and embodies your style. Everyone has a personal style that makes them feel the most themselves which is exactly how you want to feel on camera. There’s no need to change your style for your videos.

Think of the outfit that puts your best foot forward while also staying true to your style. Don’t wear a suit if you rarely dress formally or a t-shirt and jeans if you like to add more flare to your outfits. If you don’t feel comfortable in your outfit, viewers will notice.

2. Wear a comfortable look

Similar to the previous point, present yourself in a way you feel is genuine.

Present yourself in a look you feel confident and comfortable in. Don’t feel the pressure to change your beard or mustache because other creators keep a shaved face or vice versa. Keep your beard and mustache. That could even be a defining characteristic that makes you stand out. The same goes for makeup; don’t wear too much if you prefer a natural look. There’s no such thing as too much or too little as long as you stay true to yourself.

3. Participate in trends you care about

Staying on top of viral trends is beneficial for every creator, however too much trendy content can be detrimental. Some viral trends can be useful for many creators while others can be more specific and relevant for certain niches.

Pick trendy topics that you are interested in and you know your audience will enjoy and watch. Don’t be afraid to skip out on a viral trend that you don’t like or can’t spin into relevant content. If you’re a fitness creator, hopping on the ASMR trend might not work for your audience, but you could incorporate trendy dances into a new workout video. Creators that hop on every trend despite its relevance can come across as insincere and just looking for views which can lead to losing viewers and subscribers.

4. Study successful creators similar to you

There’s a lot to learn from the stars of YouTube. While you don’t want to become a carbon copy of another creator, you can pick up helpful tips by admiring larger creators similar to you. If they insert jokes in their videos, it shows they feel comfortable and care about entertaining their audience. If their content is well researched, it shows they’re passionate about the topic.

Identify why you like this creator and what makes them feel more genuine than other creators in the genre. This can point out characteristics you appreciate in them and help you embrace your own characteristics. If you like to make puns when you speak or use a lot of hand motions while you talk, those could be beneficial traits to keep in your video as it will make you feel more genuine.

5. Rehearse your videos

How you speak on camera has a big impact on how people will perceive you. The best creators sound like they are having a conversation with you, not with a camera. This means they aren’t reading off a rigid script or constantly losing their train of thought.

Practice your videos by talking to yourself. This can help you rehearse your talking points and get comfortable speaking to a camera. Try practicing what you will say in the mirror and getting used to having a conversation with yourself. Feel free to even keep notes handy when recording to keep you on track.

6. Embrace retakes

Most of the top creators don’t get that perfect video their first try. It takes multiple takes and sometimes you can still spot a mistake in the final cut. Pressuring yourself to get the perfect take quickly can distract you from displaying your natural self.

Shoot for the ideal take rather than the first take. Expecting to record a perfect video in the first take is unrealistic. Even the best creators film multiple takes before finding the right one. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because they will happen. Letting yourself focus on the quality of the take rather than the quantity.

Remember the relationship you have with viewers is similar to an in-person relationship. Feeling comfortable on camera makes your audience feel comfortable watching you which is essential for creating a loyal audience. When you are true to yourself, you will attract the people who truly appreciate your content.

We hope you enjoyed this blog.

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  • 6 Ways to Stay Authentic in Your YouTube Videos

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