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 Are you want to learn graphics design? First, you need to understand about best graphic design software and their basics information tools and function. There is much popular graphic design software in markets like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe XD etc. In this article, we discuss Top 6 professional graphics designing software in 2020.

You can also be understanding which is vector or raster graphics software. Are want to learn about which is vector or raster and how it works? then check out our latest article: click here. we are briefly describing all software and its features and also You can choose free trial or paid download link. 

We research this software and give valuable information to you. I use Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Xd for many years. I have a lot of experience describing the features, tools, and use of this software. 


List of Graphics design software


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Illustrator




Adobe XD


Adobe Indesign


Adobe dimension

If you want to make a professional graphics designer then you should be understanding about this software and how to create any design? When you learn the basics of this software then most important that you would create your own portfolio into Graphics design sites like Behance, Dribbble, and Instagram.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the most powerful photo manipulation and composition software. This software Provides lots of features and tools. Many graphics designers use photoshop as artists and create different types of the poster, cards, thumbnails, banners,s and many more. Designers use different techniques to manipulation composition and result in its very informative.

Photoshop is based on raster graphics design. When you zoom any image In photoshop you can see clearly many pixels with different colors. There is no limit to creating anything in Photoshop. Designers show their different designing skills by using Photoshop.

Photoshop is the best graphic designing software in the film and creative industry. Adobe launched adobe Photoshop 2021 versions which are most important for image manipulation. If you want to learn about what features in 2021?. Learn to Click.  There are highly effective and easy to remove the sky in 2021. 

Features of Adobe Photoshop

Selections Tools:

This tool is the most useful tool in photoshop. Selection tool uses to select any particular object accuracy with simple steps. There many ways to select images in photoshop like Quick selection, magic wand, and lasso tool, etc. There are hundreds of methods to remove any background by using all photoshop selection tools.

1000+ Free Plugins

If you are using the official creative cloud service from adobe then you can get 1000+ more plugins that help to easy to manipulation images. the popular plugins such as Camera Raw filter, Shadowify, Tapaz clean, Adobe color themes, Pexels, Infinity color, Portraiture, and Nik Color Efex Pro, etc.

This is absolutely free from the creative cloud. You can install this plugin in a simple step:

Open Photoshop

  • Go to the window panel
  • Click on Find extension and plugins
  • Redirect into Creative cloud application
  • Search for eg Camera raw filter
  • Click on the free button 
  • It automatically installs in photoshop

Skin Retouching and Oil painting

There are many ways to skin retouching and oil painting in photoshop. Photoshop provides many skin retouching brushes for free.  There are many tools use to retouch skin such as mixed brushed, spot healing tool, healing brush, High Pass, and Content-Aware tool, etc. These tools help to accurately retouch skin. You can also see tutorials on youtube to learn about complete skin retouching.

Oil painting is the most popular effect on photoshop. There are many ways to create an oil effect in photoshop. Basically, we can use filter galley, dry brush, and effect to get this type of result.

Filter Gallery

Photoshop Provide image filtering gallery such as sketch effect filter, cartoon effects, and others. This gallery helps to create oil paintings by using a dry brush. It has different brush categories such as artistic, texture, sketch, stylize, distort, and brush strokes. 

Why Photoshop Use for Graphics design?

Photoshop Provides all essential tools for photo composition. There are no limits for creative works in photoshop. There are thousands of ways to manipulate photos. Photoshop use in graphics design, like Poste design, Banner, thumbnail, ads, web design, UX/UI design, Creative lighting effect, Typography, and many more.

Graphics designers charge a high amount per design. Photoshop is used for skin retouching, Oil painting, 3d image, color reflecting, and vector images, etc. Photoshop is used for both editing and graphics design.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the Vector-based most popular graphics design software in the Market. Many graphics design use this software to create a Logo design, Vector illustration, and Icon. etc. You can create any like shape, background, and brushed in illustrator. There are many tools use in illustrator. we discuss Features and How to use them?

It is your golden opportunity to learn graphics design using illustrator. I recommend you to learn Illustrator for graphics design. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and InDesign have similar tools but they are using differently.  Adobe illustrator is used to building the user interface and user experiences like Web designing and app design. 

You can also use illustrator for typography. Typography help to improve your design and skill. There are many typography tools and styles use in illustrator. 

Features of Illustrator

Shape Builder Tool

Shape Builder is the most useful and effective tool in illustrator. How shape builder shape works? In illustrator, when we create a different shape, rectangle, elliptical. so, we merged and combine with selection tools. Shape builders can subtract one shape to another.

This tool is used in the golden ratio. When we create a logo and different shapes from the golden ratio, samely it can be applied to the same methods. 

Typography Tools

In illustrator, the Type tool use in making a poster and vector design, the shortcut key of the type tool is (T).  You can see the type tool in the sidebar in the toolbar.

Pen tool

You can create vector portrait images in illustrator using the pen tool. it is the most popular tool. If you want to make perfect in pen tool then you should practice daily 1 hour.

Photoshop and illustrator pen tools are different. If you already use the pen tool in Photoshop then you can easily use it in illustrator.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite

Coreldraw is the vector-based software developed by Corel company. Many countries use this software to create vector illustrations, business cards, packaging designs, and advertising posters. it is paid software different from other software.

Features of CorelDraw

  • Healing clone tool
  • Import legacy workplace
  • Corel font manager
  • Shape builder tool
  • User-friendly interface
  • Live sketch tool

 Adobe Indesign

Are you use Microsoft publisher software? why You use this publisher and what is your opinion about Microsoft publisher?  Adobe design is the same software as a publisher. it is a graphics design tool for making digital publications, posters, flyers, newspapers, and advertising. 

The interface and tool of InDesign are the same as photoshop and illustrator because they developed by adobe. You are perfect in Photoshop then you can easily understand InDesign    

If You want to download Adobe Indesign for free: Click here

Features of Adobe Indesign

  • Alternative layout
  • liquid Content
  • effective workplace
  • Templates
  • Linked contents
  • Easy interface
  • Quick text-decoration

Adobe XD


If you want to make a professional graphics designer then you should understand popular graphic software. Different software has its own tools and own features. 

At least you should be master in one photo manipulate software link photoshop and vector software like illustrator and CorelDraw. For more information, you should visit China iTech Ghana graphics

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