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Are You using Visual studio code to write code? If your answer is yes then wait for moments. In this article, you will learn Top 12+ visual studio code extension in 2022. 

These all are completely free and use for your VS code. I use this extension for my web development project that easy and effective way to write the right code. 

You can find all these plugins and documentation in or directly install from vs code editor. 

If you are following my article then you should know about I provide graphic design, Programming, and Blogging Tips and trick in my blog. now, In this article, you can find I share my useful plugins.

1. Material theme

The material theme is one of the best popular themes in visual studio code. With the help of a material theme, your dev experience will get a boost and your eye will be always grateful to you. This extension is available in vs code, Jetbrains, Nova, Item, Bear notes, and many more.

Using these plugins helps to increase your coding speed, suitable for those who coding at night, and protects your eyes. This extension comes from 5 variation themes.

  • Features of material theme
  • File and folder icons
  • Available for many tools
  • Distractions free
  • It provides five different variants
  • Curated color palettes
  • Constant updates

2. Prettier
Prettier is the best code formatted plugins use in visual studio code. JavaScript developers are spending too much time formatting their code and even more back and forth in code review fixing small nits. 
It turns out that machines are really good at doing this kind of task. Christopher will walk us through the technical and people challenges of bringing a JavaScript code formatted to reality. 

These plugins also work with other programming languages such as JSX, ANgular, CSS, HTML, JSON, Vue, Typescript, and many more. It removes all the original styling and ensures that all the outputted code conforms to a consistent style. 

Prettier is usually introduced by people with experience in the current codebase and JavaScript but the people that disproportionally benefit from it are newcomers to the codebase. 

What usually happens once people are using Prettier is that they realize that they actually spend a lot of time and mental energy formatting their code. 

Features of Prettier
  • Buiding and enforcing a style guide
  • Easy to adopts
  • Clean up an existing codebase
  • Ride the hype train
  • Helping Newcomers
  • Writing code

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  • What Are The Top 12+ Visual Studio Code Plugins/Extension in 2022/2021? - Chinaitechghana

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