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 When developers learn Programs like Javascript, Python, PHP, C Plus Plus, and more, a text editor should provide different types of tools and Plugins.  There are many text editor software on the Internet such as Nodepad++, Sublime Text, Atom, Visual studio code, Brackets, etc.

Visual Studio Code is official launched for all operating systems by Microsoft inc. I use Visual studio code for web development. There are some coolest features that I Personal like When writing some code. It comes from IntelliSense which are easy to write code fast and accurately.

Why coder switch to other text editors to Vs code?
There are many reasons that people switch to other text editors to visual studio code? After the next heading, we discuss 10 amazing features about vs code and you really use this code editor. Vs code is a powerful and fast text editor and there is a large community for development.

You can get new updates from Microsoft and all plugins and tools you use freely. When you purchased other text editors such as sublime text and PHP storm only you can access premium plugins and new features.

Features of Visual Studio Code
You get many awesome plugins,  new features, and updates in visual studio code. You can pay money for any plugins and features such as Live server, Intelligence, Extension, and Ul Themes.

Live Server
You can see your website live using live server vs extension. These features are really helpful for those who want to create a website live and fast. You can view only Html, CSS, and Javascript live. Live server extension Generate some code with help to refresh when you save your documents.

1000+ Plugins
Codemaid,  Code Runner, c / c++ themes, PHP Debug, Vs Vim, Syntax Highlighter,  PHP language supporter, Resharper, Web essential, SQL server, Javascript snippet are some important plugins are used in Visual studio. This tool and extensions are completely free and use.

Syntax Highlighter
Syntax highlighter is used for smoothly write your program. Visual studio provides 100+ themes for the change your syntax colors according to your choice.  There are many syntax highlights in visual studio code. This extension helps to find the error in the code.

Manage File and Document
You can easily create and manage files, folders, and documents in visual studio code.  All your documents should be saved in your vs code editor and easy-open project, without encryption any code.

IntelliSense is a code completion tool that is built into Microsoft visual studio. It allows for intelligent code completion or intelligent text completion on different platforms. Vs code automatically provides the text property. 

The main features of IntelliSense that avoid common syntax mistakes and speed up the process of coding.

Open source Text editor
Vs code is official launched by Microsoft inc. on April 29, 2015. You can use visual studio code for all machines like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.  so, you can get all new Microsoft vs code features and extensions for free.

Fast and powerful editing
We already discuss IntelliSense, syntax highlighter, themes, and extension. These features can helpful for the developer to write code fast and effectively.

Light and Dark themes
You can easily Install Light and dark themes in your visual studio text editor.  Community material theme, Eva theme, material theme, and material icon theme are the best color highlighter and provide the dark and light interface.

There is a large community of visual studio code. Many web developers or software engineers use Microsoft vs code.  After learning vs code editor you can increase your coding speed and accuracy. Developer, as well as Student, should be used to improving coding practice and development. 

FAQ About Other Words

Visual studio code is the open-source code editor software made by Microsoft for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It is also known as Vs code in short form. There are many features to speed up the coding process and It has IntelliSense for avoiding syntax errors.

You can download vs text editor for free. 

  • First Go to the Official website of
  • Choose a new updated Version
  • Select your operating system
  • Click the download button.

  • Live server important features in Vs code editor. You can see your website live without a refresh page.

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