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What is a mockup?
In simple words, "Mockups are ready-made design templates that are used for teaching, demonstration, design evaluation, promotion, and showcase your design to clients". 

You can find different mockup templates on the internet. mockups help to easy to add additional images, text, color, and many more. Most of the mockups provide in PSD file formats. 

In this article, We discuss the Top 10 best websites for free mockup download to showcase your design works. For more information about this website, You can visit the Nepali graphics website to get detailed information about graphic design.

Ready-made mockups help to enhance your productivity and showcase the design work. You can find many premium and free plans when you visit any mockup downloaded website. 

If you have no extra money to invest in those sites. In this article, We will learn the top 10 best websites for free mockup download to showcase design work. 

If you working on freelancing then you must use the mockup to improve your design and productivity To find this all-free ready-made mockup template download website, You read this article completely.

1. Smart Mockup
Smart mockup is my favorite and most useful mockup maker and downloader website. It provides everything you need to showcase your design. Smart mockup helps you to create a high-resolution mockup right inside the browser.
It provides different categories like Technology, prints, Packaging, Home, living, and social media. This website provides more than 7000+ mockups where some are premium and free.

Features of Smart Mockup
  • Get the most popular trending design
  • High-resolution mockup
  • Upload you file in different option like local, Dropbox, and drive, etc.
  • Easy customized each mockup
  • Unlimited export and import
  • Easy to change color, background, and text.
  • Fastest mockup generator
  • Works in desktop, mobile, and tablets
  • No need for Design experience

You can easily crop the aspect ratio to your own dimension. Once your mockup scene ready, Then you export your image into a different resolution.  You can upload different formats files such as JPG, PNG, JPEG, PDF, and MP4, etc. 

Each mockup has an additional customizable option. This can be a changeable mockup color, Choose from 4 different resolutions, no limits in resolution,  ON/OFF  logo for branded products, etc.

Mockups-Design Provide Premium high-resolution mockups template for free. The mockup design was created by Andrew. Thi website provides different types of mockup such as flyers, brochures, business card, Packaging, and other.

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  • What Are The Top 10 Best Website For Free Mockup Downloads To Showcase Design Work? -Chinaitechghana

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