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 Recently, Adobe Release Photoshop cc 2021. In this article, we discuss Top 21 new features in Photoshop cc 2021. With the new updates of Photoshop comes new amazing features which help to fast your works.

You can also check out the Photoshop youtube channel to learn about Photoshop cc 2021. Adobe updates the old interface of photoshop,  improving tools, and Updates new tools for designers.
Table of Content:
  • Sky Replacement
  • Skin smoothing-Neural Filter
  • Smart portrait-Neural filter
  • Colorize-Neural filter
  • Pattern Preview
  • Quick Actions
  • Live Shapes Enhancements
  • Discovery Panel
  • Preset Search
  • Version History
  • Select and Mask Workspace
  • Select And Mask Presets
  • Refine Hair
  • Content-Aware Tracing Tool
  • Easy Plugins
  • Depth-Aware Haze - Neural Filter
  • Make-up Transfer - Neural Filter
  • Use Cloud Documents Offline
  • Reset Smart Objects

Sky Replacement
Sky Replacement is a brand new feature in Photoshop CC 2021. This tool help p to automatically remove the sky from images. Photoshop use AI technology to detect the sky and automatically replace it with a different sky version.

These tools automatically fixed foreground light with the sky. It also provides sky adjustments like brightness and temperature.  Photoshop gives you manual control of the layers like Lighting adjustment, sky, and foreground image.

How To use?
Go to the Edit panel
Click on the SKy Replacement option
It automatically replaces the sky
You can also choose default sky or import from your computer.
Photoshop provides the default sky in sky replacement tool. You can also change position, rotation, reflection, and Flip the sky. It automatically creates a layer mash of sky which is easy to edit sky against. You can choose your sky using the drop-down menu.

Skin smoothing-Neural Filter
Neural Filter is another greatest feature of photoshop. It provides a Skin smoothing tool that helps to smooth your skin automatically. Some are the beta version in the neural filter. You can easily edit your smooth skin after applying these tools.
How to use it?
Go to Filter and click neural Filter
Turn on Skin smoothing
Play with Blur and smoothness
You can easily edit the skin smoothness layer. You can use the mash tool to manually edit your skin.

Smart Portrait - Neural filter
Smart portrait coolest feature in photoshop. This is a beta version of the neural filter. You can change facial expressions using the smart portrait tool. This tool helps to edit the expressions of people. This tool only works in the creative cloud member. You can play with Happiness, Angry, hair thickness, light direction, head direction, facial age, and so more. 

Colorize - Neural filter
This is also the beta version of the neural filter. This tool helps to automatically convert black and white photos into colorizing photos. You can also change the color of a particular area of the photo. This tool creates a realistic color photo. 
How to use it?
  • Go to Filter Panel
  • Click on Neural filter
  • Turn on Colorize Tool
  • It automatically converts B&W images into color images.

Colorize - Neural filter uses Artificial intelligence(AI) Technology, Adobe Sensei which reads the document and applied appropriate color in document. It has a slider to modify Cyan, Blue, Magenta, Focus color.

Pattern Preview
Pattern Preview gives you real-time seamless and infinity patterns in a single draw. These are the coolest features in Photoshop. If you draw a pattern without using this tool, It looks seamless or not. 

How to use it?
Click on the view panel
Select the Pattern  preview option
This view option allows seeing all whole and Zoom in/out perspective.
If you turn of pattern Preview just Go to view > Turn of Pattern Preview. It gives your a single pattern of your draw. This also works in any element and image. If you change the position, size and place then also affects the entire element.

Quick Actions
Quick action features help to Quickly remove background, blur, Enhance, and make B&W images. You can use quick action by Go to Help > Select  Photoshop Help > Inside the Photoshop helps click on Quick actions.

How to use it?
  • Click on Help Panel
  • Select on Photoshop help
  • Inside photoshop help you can get some quick action.
  • Click on any option like background remove
  • Click on the Applied button.

These options work in any Images. This feature is automatically removing the background of your document, Convert normal photos into Black and white, and Enhance the quality of the photo into High quality.

Live Shape Enhancement
Live shape Enhancement help to modify your shape. You can modify the roundness of the shape after change Rotating,  height, and width. If you using Photoshop's old version then these live shape enhancement features are not available.

This option is available in the polygon tool, which now allows rounded edges. In an earlier version of photoshop, It has four-point. Now Line tools are easier to modify with only two anchor point and an adjustment appearance that you can change anytime. 

You can also modify using the Properties panel. This allows to access all points of shape and their anchor points.

Discovery panel
Discover panel makes it easier to search any Tool and tutorials. For example, you can search for the saturation tool, It automatically opens a saturated panel. If you search for how to remove background? Photoshop guide step by step how to do this? It actually has two tutorials in this panel.

How to use it?
Go to Help Panel
select the Photoshop help
Now, search for anything
You can also start tutorials

Present Search
Preset search help to find any special Pattern, colors, and swatch. This preset search is available only in photoshop cc 2021. You can find the search box in any panel like this.

Cloud Document Version History
Version history help to maintain a version of the document when you saved it in the cloud. These features only work in the creative cloud. First, You need to save your document in the cloud. Give a suitable name for your document. 

With the version history panel, you can see the different version of document done at different times. For important thing that,  This history expire after 30 days. If you want to permanently saved this then bookmarks your fourite once and write name of version to keep them. If yo want to revert any version then click three dot icon on version > Click on revert to this version.

Select and Mask Workplace
In the Photoshop cc 2o21 Select and mask workplace has massive improvement for selecting onject and hair. This tool allows to freely select any objects. Now, first update tool is Refine hair which is similar to refine edge but It allows to select any hard hair easily with new technology.

How to use it?
  • Clcik any Selection tools
  • Click on Select and mask
  • Inside this Panel, you can see Refine hair in the top. 

Photoshop use two engine to refine the edge like color Aware and object Aware.  Object Aware analysis the object, all this based mask the object. Color Aware is based on simple and contrasting document with are not more complex. Object Aware is the best choice for you to remove hair or fu against the busy background.

Select and Mask Presents
Select and mask presents help to save the presents in your computer. It provide Global Refinement tool where you can ajusment the selection like Smoth, Radius, Feather, Shift edge and contrast. 

How to use it?
  • Click on select and Mask 
  • Inside this panel, you can change global refinement
  • Click on presents
  • Select the save presents.
  • Now, You can get it anytime

Refine Hair
Now, You can easily refine the hair by single click on refine hair button. This tools allows to user to remove top background easily. In the earlier version of Photoshop this option not available. We menaul refine hair.

Content Aware Tracing tool
This is an new tool  In photoshop.Conten Aware tracing tool is only work in very well define edges. This tool and tracing the edge of any object. You can get content aware tracing tool in pen tool section.

Plugins Menu Bar
Now, Photoshop create plugins menu bar where you can easily discover new plugin and Install from creative cloud.  Plugins simply improve your workflow. Adobe add 2021 new plugins in creative cloud.

Depth-Aware Haze - Neural filter
Depth-aware haze is beta version of neural filter. This will help to create the depth map of landscape then add the haze. You can also play with warm and haze tools.

How to use it?
Go to filter click on neural filter
Inside, Click on beta version
Turen on Depth-awawre haze
Now, you can create depth of landscape

Make-up Transfer - Neural Filter
This feature help to transfer make-up from one person to another person. This is also beta version of neural filter. This tools analysis the reference image and start to processing for transfer make-up.

How to use this tool? 
Go to Filter 
Click on Neural filter.
Inside that, Select the beta version 
Turn on Make-up transfer.
Select the reference image

Use cloud document offline
This features help to access your cloud document offline. This features only available for creative cloud members.

How to use this features? 
Go to Home page of Photoshop.  
Cick on three dot of you cloud document  
Selcet make available offline always. 
Now, you can use this document file with internet. 
Also you can revert to Make avable online only.

Reset Smart Objects
This Featurs help to reset the smart object into original stage. No matter what you transform, rotate and wrap. How to use this features?  First convert your document into smart object then change it postiton, rotation and wrape it. 

Now, right click on smart object then select the reset transform option. You can also reset this smart object through properties panel.

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  • New Features in Photoshop cc 2021? - Chinaitechghana

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