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Light speed is another greatest premium blogger template with provides amazing features and quality. This template was designed and created by Piki templates. As core features of this template like Colorful and creative Gadget,  Popular posts advanced Gadget, fast loading, Dark mode, Social plugins, Full-width search box, SEO meta tags, SEO friendly, etc. 

This supports multiple languages along with its capability of handling different blogs. This template is fully responsive with all devices like mobile, desktop, and tablets, etc.  It is a professional and elegant-looking layout and items.

Features of Light Speed

Let discuss the features and services of this light speed. For more information about this template Go to the piki template and get other information.

SEO Meta Tags

This template provides all SEO meta tags for making your website more friendly and search engine. You don't need to edit these SEO meta tags. These SEO meta tags help to optimization of your blog elements like images and articles.

The main meta tags such as Meta content, Image meta tags, Twitter card, social media connection, meta icons, Schema markup code, etc. 

Fast loading

Light speed is the fast loading blogger template in any device like mobile, laptop, desktop, and tablet.  It is a well-optimized and compressed template, to increase speed and any devices.  

You can check the results of this template in GTmetrix where performance is 99% and the total time to load this template 899ms.

Search engine friendly

This template provides the best markup tool to make your website faster for ranking and compatible with these tools. It has advanced Image optimization code to easily show your images in a search engine.

It has browser compatible layout and search engine friendly. It provides a clean and elegant user-friendly design. It also supports Google AdSense code and provides Google analytics code. 

Ads Ready

This is the ads ready, you can install and run any partner ads on your blog, well compatible and supportable. It provides AdSense ready layout like in the sidebar and top and bottom article. 

Beautiful features section

It provides a beautiful features section with easily adds popular posts. When you hover on blog posts, It provides a zoom effect.  This template is the best fit for an education and news website. This feature section is fully responsible for any device like mobile and desktop.

Breaking ticker

It has a beautiful healing section where you can easily show your popular posts. breaking ticker can allow to user to find breaking topics which is shown at top of your websites. This is fully responsible for any devices. 

You can easily set a number of breaking headlines from the blogger layout section. Also easily select popular posts of one month, week, and year.

Advance mega menu

It provides an advanced mega menu and a drop-down menu. You can easily be customized a drop-down link and easy to add a mega menu article.  It provides an animated hover effect in the drop-down menu.

Dark mode

This template provides a one-click dark mode option.  When you convert light mode to dark mode, It changes the moon icon to sun icons. so, it helps to make user friendly. 

It uses local storage which allows users javascript sites and apps to save key-value pairs in a web browser with no expiration date. 

When you set dark mode, It saved in local storage which doesn't change default mode or light mode, when you refresh your website.



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