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 Have you been struggling to verify your Google my Business account for some time now?

If you're in Africa, I know how frustrating it can be waiting tirelessly for that postcard to arrive before you can verify your account.

To be honest, that postcard may never arrive and you don't want to be stuck waiting for it.

In this video, I break things down step-by-step, and show you how to verify your Google my Business account without a postcard, especially if you are a business owner in Africa.

Steps to verify your GMB account

Step 0: Claim your business on Google: 

Ensure you have created a GMB account for your business. If you don't, follow the instructions here ->  How to Claim Your Business on Google.

Step 1: Grant Ztallion access to your account

The next step is to grant Ztallion access to their GMB account using this code - 5638486463.

Follow the steps in the video above to learn how to do this.

Step 2: Fill out the Verification Form

The final step to the verification process is filling out the -> GMB Verification Form and providing us with proof of business ownership. 

While filling out the GMB verification form, you will be asked to provide proof that your business exists and that you own it.

You can provide documents like your business registration document, receipt or invoice showing your business name on it.

In the GMB guide below, you'll find a list of other documents you can provide. We have also compiled a list of FAQs about the GMB verification process along with tips to optimising your account.

Go ahead and download the guide below.


Once the steps above are completed, it usually takes 1 to 2 days for your account to be verified.

If you experience any difficulties or have questions, chat with us here or send us an email.

Please note that your account will not be verified if you fail to fill out the verification form.

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  • How To Verify Your Google My Business Account without a Postcard? - Chinaitechghana

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