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Monday, May 17, 2021 | views Last Updated 2021-05-17T13:15:50Z

Since fully switching to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page), goinsan blogs often get reports of problems in Google Search Console. Starting from just a warning status to an error status on the post.

Well the name is also the risk of applying AMP to bloggers who incidentally don't support AMP. So everything related to the post must be changed to support the amp manually so it is error prone. Unlike platforms that already support AMP such as wordpress, it is enough to take advantage of the availability of AMP support by pressing just one button.

Warning reports or errors related to posts generally appear when one of the AMP elements is not met or an error in writing the code tag. For example, using the amp-youtube tag but we don't include the master amp youtube script in the template. Or still use img tags instead of amp-img for images.

Most recent is the "Problem coverage detected on" warning. The warning says that one of my posts was blocked by robot.txt. Even though as far as I can remember, I have never installed a single rule to block one of my blog posts, let alone enter a specific url directly to be blocked in robot.txt


To confirm whether the url of the post was really blocked by robot.txt, I immediately carried out an inspect element and yes, the results were according to the report. I then opened the tobot.txt testing tool provided by Google Webmaster Tools. If by any chance any of you are experiencing a block report problem like mine, please follow the steps below.

1. Open the robot.txt tester. Go here

2. Select the blog you want to test

3. Scroll down, there will be a test url column

4. Enter the url you wish to test. Just take the line starting from the year then click the test button.
5. Check the result, whether the url report is blocked or not, otherwise it will be marked with a green block.

In my case it turns out that the post url is not blocked by the robot . Then what is the basis of the coverage error report? is this just a false report? I don't know, only the Google Search Console system and developers know.

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  • How To Test Blogger Robots.Txt? - Chinaitechghana

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