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The key to becoming a professional blogger is to have a good and responsive blog. This blog is very important to be well made because it will greatly determine the visitors to your blog. So, before creating a blog, you must first know how to create a good blog so that it can function optimally according to your blogging needs.

You don't need to understand coding to be able to create a blog and become a blogger because there is a platform that is easy to use. There are at least 2 blog platforms that are commonly used, namely and WordPress. So, what are the ways and steps to create a blog on both platforms?

Ways and Steps to Create an Optimal and Effective Blog

Actually, not only and WordPress are the blog platforms available, it's just that of the several types that exist, both of them are the most commonly used. As a beginner in the world of blogging you can also create and build a blog on both platforms. Then how do you create a good blog?

1. Determine Interesting Themes 

The way and the first step that must be done is to choose an attractive theme for the blog later. There are many topics or themes to choose from as your blog material, it's just that it is highly recommended to choose according to your interests. 

However, if you really intend to make money from a blog, you can choose a theme by first doing a survey. The goal is for you to know what themes are being sought after and favored by people so that they can help your blog traffic later. In the world of blogging, a theme or topic is called a niche.

2. Choose the Best Platform

As was said at the beginning of this article that you can use and choose the available platforms to build a blog. The platforms most used by people, especially those who are beginners, are and WordPress. For reference you can see several types of blog platforms below:


 If you are a beginner and want to experience a fairly complete blogging platform, just choose Domains and hosting on are freely available and ready to use.


If you are not satisfied with then you can choose You will have the freedom to set up your blog, you just have to buy and host separately.

C. Blogger

The next platform is which is arguably the most friendly for beginners in the blogging world. In using it you don't need to bother with technical coding and so on. In addition, Blogger is automatically connected to various Google services.

D. Weebly

Beginners in the blogging world who don't want to bother with coding and so on can also use Weebly. This platform is suitable for both laymen and beginners in the blogging world.

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  • How To Make A Blog From Blogger.Com And WordPress? Chinaitechghana

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