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I am lucky as an HR to find out few similar points between a Mother and an HR. I hope you will also agree to it.

* Mother is the first person who raises a family wherein an HR is the first person who gets into a new company and raises the organization.

* Mother always works for other family member’s benefits same like HR whose job is all about serving the resources who are human.

* She never takes credit for herself for being with you same as An HR will also not credit themselves for the job they do.

* She always looks for ways by which she can improve her home same as HR looks for ways to the improvement of the organization.   

*She keeps her calm and supports her child from father when she knows that a beating is around the corner for their mischiefs and an HR saves employees and justify them in front of the management when they know that employee may have done something bad and a decision from management could go against them.

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  • Happy International Human Resource Day! - Chinaitechghana

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