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Google AdSense is a CPC (Cost Per Click) based advertising tool. When someone clicks on an ad on your site, then Google will share some percentage with the blog owner. 

How to increase AdSense revenue in Blogger?

Every blogger has a dream to blog monetization with AdSense, and they do that. I think you already know how to monetize the blog with Google AdSense. But do you know how to increase AdSense revenue? If not, then this post will be a haven for you. In this post, I'm going to share five easy tips to increase AdSense's earning, and these steps are simple to follow.

Write reader-friendly content to increase Adsense revenue.

The first, priority is on valuable content because 'Content is king,' without more and valuable content your blog will die. On your blog, when you will publish more articles, then Google will trust you else your site will not rank on Google. So you need to make a readable post.

Use simple words- Simple word makes readable and understandable.

  • Use Infographics- People love visual learning. People don't like to read-only text. Don't use itsy-bitsy image use those images which make sense and provide information.
  • Use proper keywords- Don't stuff keywords, use long-tail keywords, and use as high CPC keywords as possible.
Wrong ad placement will die blog.
  • Use proper ad placement, place them where visitors will see them as soon as they land on your page. Balance the number of ads and make sure they don't appear annoying. 

  • Place AdSense ads on the top right or left side of your page for good visibility. The right side ads range from 160×600 to 300×250.
  • Use proper ad color, change the color as your page. If your page is white, then go with that.
  • Don't use too much AdSense ads unit else you will get low CTR ( click-through rate) and eCPM ( Effective cost per thousand impressions).
Use A/B Test on your ads unit.

Doing A/B testing is a proven way to increase AdSense revenue. Use a variation of ads unit, and monitor every day. It will help you find a better one.

For example, consider you have a page with two ad units and another with four ad units, observe results which one is performing better.

Without SEO, your blog will become a dustbin.

Even, you have written quality content, but you have not done SEO, in that case, Google will not find your blog. Content optimization matters a lot on how performs your blog on the search. For good SEO, you need to create backlinks on your site. Without backlink, Google doesn't trust on any new websites.

Use users friendly theme on your blog.

In Blogger blog theme matter a lot because the blogger doesn't provide any plugins to make users friendly blog. If you use a heavy theme on your blog, then it will decrease page loading speed. Don't forget to go on mobile. These days mobile search is higher than PC or computer screen. If you use a mobile-friendly theme then it will help you to increase Google AdSense revenue because Google gives preference on a Mobile-friendly template.

Summary on how to increase AdSense revenue in 2020
In this post, I have shared with you how to increase AdSense revenue in four simple steps. Remember all these four steps at a glance- write good quality content that will help your readers, don't use too much AdSense ads unit else it will be annoying for visitors and ultimately effects AdSense revenue. Always examine your results and fix the issue. Do SEO and use long-tail keywords. Make a beautiful and mobile-friendly blog. I hope if you follow the above for steps to increase Google AdSense revenue, it will help you to reach your dreams.

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  • 5 Proven ways increase AdSense revenue in 2021? - Chinaitechghana

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