Will Windows Defender Be Enough for Your PC?

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Until the release of Windows 8, Windows users were convinced of the need for antivirus software. They are much more confident about handling confidential matters when they install a trusted antivirus package on the device. Let's read the full article Will Windows Defender Enough for Your PC?

However, after its release, a dispute began over whether we need third-party antivirus software for Windows PCs. This is because Microsoft has integrated MSE into Microsoft Windows which is known as Windows Defender. Windows Defender was added as a built-in method to fight various types of online and offline threats. Of course, tight integration to the OS level is of equal significance.

Even now, people are still confused about whether Windows Defender is enough for their PC.

 How Does Windows Defender Work?

Windows Defender is closely integrated with the Security aspects of Windows OS. This applies to all of its releases from Windows 8, including Windows 10. Given that you don't have any third-party antivirus installed, you will see Windows Defender as the default antivirus protector for your computer. Only after such an installation will it be disabled.

Windows Defender enjoys the many advantages of being an in-built security solution. The antivirus department will have access to normally unknown areas of your computer. So, chances are, you might find some viruses hidden in those unusual areas. It also runs faster as a native program on Windows. One thing to note here is the fact that the Windows Defender algorithm has to be robust enough to do that.

The second thing that is impressive about Windows Defender is the User Interface. When compared to other antivirus suites, the UI is very simple, not many buttons or sections to explore. There are only a few tabs and sections dedicated to Settings.

Does Windows Defender Protect Your Device?

This question has a different answer. It depends on the type of protection you expect. Let's say you are a PC user who spends most of his time offline. In those conditions, you are exposed to fewer threats. In this case, Windows Defender can offer you some standard protection.

It's different if you are an active PC user. You spend a lot of time doing online activities and trying to experiment with things that are not safe, such as downloading pirated goods or software from unknown sources.

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  • Will Windows Defender Be Enough for Your PC?

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