What is Content Creator and who is blogger?

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A Content Creator is Someone Who Writes Profesional Motivation.

Content isn’t just writing for the sake of writing. They’ve got a platform, an asset. Every time you hit publish, you’re building something new on the foundation that is your blog.

Over time, as you stay consistent and dedicated to the journey, you’ll build up an audience and it’s extremely likely that you’ll start making money off your blog.

There are bloggers out there making $100,000+ per month talking about things they love and helping other people – it’s amazing!

Common monetization methods include using display advertising, promoting other people’s products as an affiliate, creating your own info products, selling fan-gear, and finding sponsors for your content.

A Blogger is Someone With a Legacy

I’ve had a few personal friends compare blogging to social media, like Facebook.

It’s the same concept - you could just as easily post super useful and educational content on your Facebook and have people like it, share it and discuss it in the comments.

Blogging stands out because it’s permanently there, it’s not going to disappear into your “newsfeed”.

Something that we wrote three years ago over at MonetizePros is still relevant and getting hundreds of readers per day – it’s evergreen content.

In fact, as long as my hosting bills get paid, people will still be reading this after I'm long gone.

Unlike social media posts, blog posts also get picked up by search engines like Google and that means you’ve got the potential of receiving millions and millions of readers, without the luck of having something go viral on social media.

A Blogger is Someone With a Variety of Skills

Although there are bloggers out there who just do their thing and write, it’s usually much more than that.

If you’re looking to take it up as a career, there’s a myriad of skills that you’ll pick up on the way.

You’re not going to be a world-class expert at most of these, but you’ll be good, I promise.

You’ll start to understand how search engine optimization works, learn the basics of online marketing, know how to create and maintain websites, how to do basic web design and many other interesting things.

A blogger is a true jack of all trades.

What’s the difference between a website and a blog?

So this is probably the most confusing part for most people... How is this different from a website?

Which one do I need? Websites vs blogs?

Websites tend to be static, meaning that they do not get updated very often. Blogging is all about frequency and consistency.

Blogging is very informal and conversational - I'm talking to you like I would talk to my best friend and that's alright.

Blogging is also much more personal - you probably know who is behind this blog post, if you follow MonetizePros. Not only that, but it's not a one-way street.

Websites usually just push their information out and don't allow comments or any sort of communication/feedback except email. 

If you've got anything to add to a blogpost, however, you can easily leave a comment at the end of the post 😉

How do you become a Content Creator?

As per the definition, a blog is a website, too. Websites are scary for the Average Joe. The idea of starting a website seems fairly similar to rocket science and astrophysics.

Actually, it’s the opposite! Starting a blog in 2016 is super easy and should take you less than twenty minutes.

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  • What is Content Creator and who is blogger?

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