Secret: How To Get More Visitors To Your Blog For Free

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Every bloggers and online writer wants to get the same thing. Have you published your first post and you are wondering about: how to get more visitors to your blog?

Even though everyone has the answer, these quick solutions are often unsatisfactory. Often ends up empty and untrue for most people. A certain technique might work for "some people" but who said it would work for you? 

No, the truth is much simpler - as well as more difficult. And you already know what it is:

You have to work.

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The Wrong Teacher

Never trust "experts" who fail to practice what they teach.

 In other words, don't listen to a branding expert chirping through an ad, if he doesn't have a strong brand himself. And don't believe what some gurus have to say about web traffic, if they haven't shown you their own analytics yet.

There are no easy answers to getting more visitors to your blog, no quick tips or quick solutions. 

If you're going to be serious about the whole website problem, you've got to work hard, work and work.

Unless you are the person who has no problem with money. And be able to pay for everything you want. You can pay for professional SEO services, like us;

And let's be honest: you are a little afraid that it is… right?

Three Factors
I told you it will be more difficult than you think, but it's not impossible. 

In fact, maybe all you need is someone to enlighten you. Here's what you need to get more visitors to your blog and of course, keep them too:

Reason for writing: You need to know what you are talking about and have a clear direction of where and when to go.

Understand the relationship between you and your reader. Our life is full of noise; You need to gain the trust and permission to communicate with your audience regularly.
A way for visitors to return to your blog, when you post new content. This sounds simple, but is HIGHLY overlooked. 

So How To Get More Visitors To Blog For Free
Start small. Do it one step at a time. And this must be consistent.

Get started. Create a blog (which is simply a website that allows you to post dynamic content).
Action. Choose a writing routine that you can follow for the long term. For starters, try one new content (article) per week. Don't be speeding and enthusiastic at the beginning, you lose your energy in the middle. Most of the bloggers, yes like this.

Join Social media. Join Twitter and Facebook, and use these outlets to promote your content. Most importantly, create an easy way for people to subscribe via RSS and email.
Send. Do what you say, you will. (If you say you'll write one article per week, don't write five or vice versa.)

Respond. Reply to comments and emails. Get involved in other people's lives. Show them you care.
Keep appearing. This is a long term strategy; there are no quick fixes and easy solutions. But if you commit to the process, you will see results.

Advanced Techniques Increase Traffic To Blogs
If you've read this far, you're probably ready to make some serious changes. That's what I want to see.

If you have a blog or website and you're tired of seeing no engagement with your readers or customers, it's time to take things to the next level. It's time to have a goal. This is something I made just for you .

Next, just take it to a further level by studying SEO. And apply it, also gradually! So read this, for the first step: What is SEO "Search Engine Optimization"?

There are so many techniques on how to get more visitors to your blog. However, what has been discussed above is basic. That is really what foundation you will build on.

You have to move away from the basic stairs. And actually do it as a rule.

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  • Secret: How To Get More Visitors To Your Blog For Free

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