I can sit by a gutter or hang on a tree like a monkey and interview people – Delay jabs Adu Safowaa

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 Television personality Deloris Frimpong has refused to overlook claims by Adu Safowaa that she is not worth celebrating as she has rebutted on the latest episode of the Delay Show.

Adu Safowaa, an actress, had on Rainbow Radio without provocation, vehemently argued that the television personality, known in the showbiz space as Delay, has achieved nothing despite being in the industry for two decades.

She remarked that unlike Emelia Brobbey who started quite recently, Delay cannot boast of a studio; rather, she finds it comfortable interviewing her guests in a common room with just two chairs on set. Aside from that, “the focus of Delay’s show is just to trend”.

Adu Safowaa further poked Delay, emitting that the presenter who has also ventured into food production has not been able to erect an edifice as a factory, yet, is being hailed for her supposed business acumen.

Based on the aforementioned, Adu Safowaa said she does not acknowledge Delay as a role model because she is not worth celebrating.

In a subtle yet sharp response, Delay in a video clip shared on her Instagram page, Friday, said: “I signed up to be an extraordinary presenter. My job is to interview people, bring in the numbers and make headlines.”

She continued: “It doesn’t matter with whom, whether the person is famous or not the show must go on. It doesn’t matter where. I can even decide to do the interview by a gutter or be on a trees like a monkey. The interview must go on. Also, it doesn’t matter what I sit on. I can even decide to sit in a basket or on a stool. At the end of the day, I have to deliver.”

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